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Sundiode's First Patent Granted in the Unites States

December 08 2009

The USPTOa has granted a patent to Sundiode, Inc., No. 7629532, on the solar-cell designs and concepts central to Sundiode’s technologies. Titled Solar Cell Having Active Region With Nanostructures Having Energy Wells, the patent was issued on the 8th of December, 2009.

Sundiode Begins Operating at a New Facility in Sunnyvale, CA

September 01 2008

Sundiode, Inc. moved its operation to a facility in Sunnyvale, CA.

Sundiode Receives Funding from Wonpung Mulsan

June 20 2008

On June 19th 2008, Sundiode, Inc. received funding from Wonpung Mulsan in Korea to begin work towards realizing a prototype solar-cell device utilizing the III-Nitride semiconductor. The funding makes a new technology adventure possible for Sundiode and enables business diversification for Wonpung Mulsan. The seed funding involved Wonnpung Mulsan acquiring an equity position in Sundiode in exchange for the fund.