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Sundiode Receives Funding from Wonpung Mulsan
June 20 2008

On June 19th 2008, Sundiode, Inc. received funding from Wonpung Mulsan in Korea to begin work towards realizing a prototype solar-cell device utilizing the III-Nitride semiconductor. The funding makes a new technology adventure possible for Sundiode and enables business diversification for Wonpung Mulsan. The seed funding involved Wonnpung Mulsan acquiring an equity position in Sundiode in exchange for the fund.

The fund will support development work for new CPVª compliant solarcell devices that, when commercialized, will have high efficiencies. In addition, a number of other benefits of the Sundiode technologies over other technologies make the joint venture between the two companies an exciting opportunities for commercial success. Solar-electricity generation and its usage by the general public, both companies are convinced, are here to stay – especially in the form of CPV power generation – and the joint venture is a strong statement demonstrating the convictions of the two companies.

ª CPV: Concentrating Photovoltaics