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Sundiode's First Patent Granted in the Unites States
December 08 2009

The USPTOa has granted a patent to Sundiode, Inc., No. 7629532, on the solar-cell designs and concepts central to Sundiode’s technologies. Titled Solar Cell Having Active Region With Nanostructures Having Energy Wells, the patent was issued on the 8th of December, 2009.

The USPTO’s issuance is a significant milestone and provides protection for the solar-cell technologies incorporating nanotechnology of the III-Nitride semiconductor. The same patent application is pending in other key countries besides the United States for a global protection. Sundiode is developing nanotechnology-based solar cells for CPVb application with a goal to produce the highest-efficiency solar cells. The patent and subsequent applications that Sundiode has filed strengthen Sundiode’s global IP position to make Sundiode a highly competitive company in the photovoltaic industry.

aUSPTO: United States Patent and Trademark Office

bCPV: Concentrating Photovoltaics